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The January/February Edition

The Yarnbombers (Secret Society of Hertford Crafters) have created a wonderful display in the Castle Moat Garden to brighten up our Christmasand New Year. See the imaginative and intricate
designs on the covers of the magazine.
With an official decision imminent by HCC on the closure consultation on our parish C of E school at Tonwell, Andrew Lavis has written an article on the history of the school and what it means to the local community. See pages 14 and 15.
Bridget Hersant has chosen the Celandine, one of the first of our wildflowers to welcome in the spring. We can see this bright and colourful flower in the lanes and hedgerows from January onwards. The article is on page 9 and the flower photos are on the inside back cover.

The Editorial Team 

A community magazine for Bengeo, Chapmore End and Tonwell

This is YOUR magazine and we want it to reflect Bengeo community life.  If there are any events that you wish to publicise or social groups, please let us know. Or if you just want us to link to you. We aim to be a co-ordinating point for all information about Bengeo. With your help we can achieve this. If you are contributing, please bear in mind that the magazine comes out every two months and the copy date is the middle of the previous month.

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